Why Play Pits?

Play Pits is a 100% all natural deodorant for kids of all ages and is also free of aluminum, parabens, synthetic fragrances and other harsh chemicals. Play Pits All-Natural Deodorant can be used on the most gentle skin types, but also packs a strong punch against odors. Play Pits even survived Dad’s 10 hour work day!

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So glad we tried it!

Chevece J.

I have a 8 year old who perspires like an adult. To make matters worst she has sensitive skin so EVERYTHING we tried broke her out. I am so glad that we tried Play Pits. This product is a blessing to me (I even use it) and my family.


Kayrn F.

My son and I have been using Play Pits and WE LOVE IT! It rubs into your skin well, doesn't feel wet, I didn't stink and that says a lot because I am typically hot natured. I have tried other natural deodorants and they didn't work for me.

Customers FOREVER!

Montiel K.

My daughter is a 17 years old competitive cheerleader and we have struggled with finding a deodorant that works for her for years. She was wearing men's deodorant before we discovered Play Pits. I am shocked that this product has done so well. We are customers FOREVER!

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Play Pits Adult

What began as a recurring collaboration with Zen in a Jar is becoming a staple! Say hello to Queen and King! Shop Play Pits for Adults now!

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Play Pits Classic

We're adding to the family but the original Play Pits scents you love are not going anywhere!

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“You smell like a grown man!”


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