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How pregnancy can change our smell

How pregnancy can change our smell

How Pregnancy Can Change our Smell
Have you noticed your body odor is different while you’re pregnant?

Our bodies change in miraculous ways during pregnancy. Some pregnancy symptoms, like thicker hair and that famous pregnancy glow, are symptoms we want to keep, even after we give birth. However, there are those other symptoms, no one wants to talk about and no one wants around. One of those unfavorable symptoms being our new body odor. 

Let’s have a look at what causes body odor during pregnancy and how to naturally cure it. 

What Causes Pregnancy Body Odor?
During the early months, but also throughout, we experience an increased body temperature and more active sweat glands. Our fluctuating hormones will impact our body odor, gut flora, skin’s pH and just about every area of our bodies. 

There are some theories that our new and powerful natural scent is what will then encourage our baby to turn and find our breasts for their food source, especially considering they haven’t quite developed their eyesight just yet. 

Increased levels of estradiol could be one of the main reasons for this smell. Our increased body temperature and the effort it takes to carry that extra weight causes us to sweat more. While the extra sweat might not have a bad smell, bacteria on the surface of the skin in those warm areas, will certainly add to that pungent odor.

Natural Remedies for Body Odor During Pregnancy
Now that we understand the internal causes for body odor during pregnancy, let’s have a look at some natural remedies. 

1.  Beware of what you eat
Certain foods like red meat, garlic and onion are ingredients that can contribute to increased sweating and body odor. They are mostly heating foods and contribute to active sweat glands. You and your baby need clean foods, like hydrating fruits and vegetables, lean meats, seeds, and nuts.

2.  Drink more water
Drinking more water will not only contribute to decreasing body odor, but it can also help decrease body temperatures when you’re overheating. We know that going to the bathroom all the time is already a thing, but you just can’t imagine how wonderful staying hydrated is for both your body and your baby’s.

3.  Baths and Showers
While you’re pregnant you may want to increase the amount of times you shower per day. Showering or bathing twice a day to remove excess sweat and bacteria will really make a difference. It will also help you relax, which might just be the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby.

We love self care, and taking a bath is one of the easiest ways to take care of our physical and, let’s face it, spiritual needs. Treat yourself to our delicious body scrub for a naturally exfoliating experience.

4.  Deodorant
It’s time to re-apply. You’ll want to carry your deodorant around with you. Just make sure to clean your armpits before using one of our natural deodorants, to really get the most out of it. The sweet and sultry fusion of Lemon, Rich Amber, and Jasmine will not only make you feel fresh and clean, but it’ll also make you feel divine. No wonder we call her Queen!

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