Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 

It’s time to celebrate that very special role model in our lives, our mothers.

Mother’s day is not only an opportunity to celebrate our mothers, but all of those new-moms and mothers-to-be we love so very dearly. It’s a special occasion to vocalize and share how important these women are to us and how much we deeply appreciate them. There are many ways you can share that appreciation from cards to grand gifts. In this article we’re going to have a look at some of our favorite simple, yet thoughtful gift ideas for the wonderful mamas in our lives. 

  • Flowers / Plants
  • Who doesn’t love to walk into a kitchen and find flowers brightening up a room? Flowers always send the right message. It lets her know you’ve thought of her and appreciate her beauty. Add a special note to let her know just how much you appreciate and love her. 

  • Chocolate
  • We’ve yet to meet a mama who doesn’t love her chocolate. Chocolate is a sweet gesture that can go from a simple bar of chocolate all the way to a big box of Godivia chocolate. Just make sure you treat her with a sweet chocolaty gift you know she’ll savor and enjoy. It’s a nice way of showing her how grateful you are for having her in your life. 

  • Queen Deodorant + Detox Soap Bar 
  • There’s no limit to self-care, and we all need to up our self-care game. One of our favorite ways to treat our mamas is by gifting them a self care package that includes Queen Deodorant, a Detox Soap bar, and maybe even her favorite essential oil or scented candle. 

  • Gift Card 
  • You know the feeling when it seems like your mom has just about everything she needs? That’s where a Gift Card comes in. Tell her you want her to treat herself to something she loves because she deserves it. You can buy her a PlayPits Gift Card, an Amazon Gift Card, or a gift card in her favorite shop. 

  • Gardening Supplies 
  • Mama got a green thumb? Give her an excuse to spend some time outdoors connecting to the creative and restorative earth. There’s nothing like spending a Sunday with your hands deep in that moist and living soil. Gardening is a hobby we can all benefit from. 

  • Card with Baked Goods
  • Celebrating mother’s day doesn’t always have to be about spending money or finding the perfect gift. Showing your appreciation for your mother can also be made simple through your beautiful words of appreciation. You can write her a card telling her all the ways she inspires you, or all the ways you find her beautiful. You can also bake her something special, cook her a meal, or find a gesture that shows you’ve taken the time to celebrate the beautiful woman who she is. 

    Happy mother’s day everyone!

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