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Tips and Tricks for Keeping Our Kids Healthy and Thriving

Tips and Tricks for Keeping Our Kids Healthy and Thriving

Tips and Tricks for Keeping Our Kids Healthy and Thriving 

We want our little ones to really thrive in school and in the world. 

There’s really so much we can do to ensure our children succeed in this world. Success is a broad term and its definition is really unique to each of our children’s capabilities and effort. In this article we’re going to have a look at some ways we can boost our children’s health and wellbeing to ensure we’re giving them the best life has to offer. 

Eating Healthy and Staying hydrated

The way we eat is just so so important, especially for our children who are growing and developing. There are ingredients that can actually be debilitating, and there are ingredients which can boost and foster cognition, memory, concentration and behavior. We want to do our best to steer our children away from processed sugars, and processed foods. This can be a challenge for all of us, especially since for so many years there has been this tendency to link up sugar with reward. 

The best advice we can give you is to try and find healthy alternatives. For instance, we can give them oatmeal, yogurt or healthy cereals for breakfast with fruits, nuts and seeds, as a way to kick start their day. These healthier options can actually help them perform better in school. We can send them to school with healthier snacks, homemade sweets, and fruit instead of the traditional bag of spicy flavored chips, and snacks whose texture and color look as if they’ve come from outer space. 

And finally, we can make sure they’re eating healthy dinners that boost their digestion and improve their sleep, because we all know how important it is to get a good night’s rest in order to perform well the next day. 

Sleep Cycles

Speaking of sleep, our children should be getting at least 9 hours of sleep every night, and certainly not less than 8. According to the CDC, “Children and adolescents who do not get enough sleep have a higher risk for many health problems..They are also more likely to have attention and behavior problems, which can contribute to poor academic performance in school.” Not to mention how much their moods will improve, the same way ours does when we sleep well and get our 8 hours in. 

Spending at Least 3 Hours a Day Outdoors

It’s so important that our children stay active and spend a solid amount of time outdoors each day. Not moving enough can lead to obesity, poor health and can weaken their immune system. It’s even advised that they spend a fair amount of time outdoors in the colder months as well, that’s how important it is to be active and take in that fresh air. 

Keeping Tabs on Their Mental Health 

We are responsible for ensuring our children really develop and grow into mature individuals. It’s so important that we check in our children and see how they are feeling and the things they are thinking about. When we open up these conversations starting from a very young age, we teach them how to express themselves and not to hold it all in. When they learn how to express themselves at a young age, they can then more easily talk to you when they’re older, and express their feelings in the moment of conflict when you’re not around. 

Manage Media Use

It’s no secret that our phones, tablets, computers and televisions are addictive. There’s also no limit to the things our children can witness and absorb and which can later influence their way of thinking and feeling. 

It’s so necessary for us as parents to manage what our children are looking at because these things truly and deeply affect their sense of self and self worth. We want our children feeling their best and most confident self. While they don’t have to feel and behave their best all the time (because which one of us does?), we certainly don’t want these outside influences (which we actually can control) affecting the way they think, feel and behave in a negative way. 

What are some activities you do with your children to make sure they are healthy and thriving?

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