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Transitioning to Natural Deodorant? Here are some best practices to make the transition easy!

Transitioning to Natural Deodorant? Here are some best practices to make the transition easy!

Best Practices to Make the Natural Transition Easier 

Transitioning from chemical deodorants to natural deodorants is a process. And all processes come with their challenges and rewards. 

But, just like all processes come with their challenges and rewards, so do all types of change. Whether we’re making changes to our habits, outlook on life, or products we use around our houses and in our bodies, changing the way we do things can feel awkward and, sometimes even scary. We function according to our habits and comforts. Making changes often asks us to step out of our safety zone, and to prepare ourselves for trying something new. 

What we can tell you is that all positive changes are worth the effort. They are worth the slight discomfort and the intimidating shift from the known to the unknown. Why? Because positive changes are the steps we take to live a better, healthier, more fulfilling life. And not only will we benefit from the effort and change, but so will everyone around us. 

To make this transition less stressful and intimidating, let’s have a look at what you can expect when you transition over from chemical products to natural products. Let’s explore both the challenges and the rewards of going au natural. And how you can make this transition as ‘easy’ as possible. 

What are the challenges of switching to a natural deodorant?

When you’re ready to switch you and your family over to natural products, you may find your body responding to the changes in some unexpected ways. No two bodies are alike, and therefore no two bodies will react in the same way. Many of us experience a two week ride until we find our natural sweet spot, while others can take a month or two. 

That being said, here are some general experiences most of us have when transitioning over to natural deodorants:

Sweat: Our bodies will react when we switch from chemical products to natural products. For example, when we stop using deodorants with aluminum, we may notice an increase in perspiration within our underarms. That’s because the aluminum that was designed to block the pores and sweat glands in your underarms are in the process of detoxifying the chemicals and unclogging those pores, so your body can function as it’s designed to function. Though this may seem uncomfortable, it’s actually a great sign, because your body is purging all those chemicals. 

Smell: As we begin to perspire and shed those chemicals, we may notice a change in odor. These are one of the elements of the detoxifying process. And though this may be the worst part for many of us, we do have some solutions to make this part a little easier. 

Sensitivity: Because we’re in the process of filtering out all that bacteria that has been building up - since our chemical products prevented that bacteria from escaping the body, we may experience an increase in underarm sensitivity. Not everyone experiences this, but if you do, know that it is completely normal and not permanent. 

How to make the transition a little easier

To make the transition a little easier we recommend finding the right natural deodorant, with a scent you love. Make sure to read and re-read those labels, because the word natural is pretty overused and abused in the cosmetic and food industry. We recommend opting for products with ingredients you can pronounce. That’s a great starting point. There are many ingredients that may sound scary but are actually derived from natural ingredients, like Glycolic Acid, which comes from sugar cane. 

But beyond that, we recommend:

  1. Carrying your natural deodorant around with you - this way, when you work up a sweat and you're out and about, you can catch and clean that odor before it gets too... how do we put it... strong.

  1. Eat well - the foods we eat have an effect on the way we smell. Ingredients that can give us foul body odor are ingredients like, garlic, curry powder, red meat, and alcohol. Foods like leafy greens, raw vegetables and fruit can help promote a neutral, unnoticeable smell. 

  1. Patience- switching over to natural products will take a lot of patience. That doesn’t mean we should shy away from the challenge, but that we should prepare ourselves, and stay calm. Learning to be patient with our bodies can also teach us to have patience with ourselves, our family and the people around us. That’s a part of the beauty of switching over to a more natural lifestyle. Many of us wind up learning and adapting life changing lessons that can improve our lives beyond our health. 


We strongly believe in the power of positive change. Ditching those chemical ingredients from our lives will only improve our health and can even improve our wellbeing. We want to do our best to keep our families safe and out of harm's way. If you’re on the search for natural products and natural deodorants for you and the entire family, we recommend Play Pits’ 3-pack Family Combo to get you and the whole family off to the right scented start! 

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