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Tween Hygiene Shifts: Balancing Activities and Boosting Confidence

Tween Hygiene Shifts: Balancing Activities and Boosting Confidence

As our young ones transition into their tween years (ages 9-12), they undergo significant physical and emotional changes. This period, often marked by the onset of puberty, can trigger an awareness of their personal hygiene. Understanding the importance of good hygiene, and fostering self-confidence are important things to focus on when it comes to supporting our tweens during this transformative stage. Two out of three of our Play Pits’ kiddos (including our CIO Kam) have gone through this stage, so we’re very familiar with this stage and the steps we took to prepare our tweens.


Physical and Emotional Changes During Tween Years

Our tweens experience many changes that influence their hygiene habits. Some of those changes might be:

  1. Increased Sweat Production: The onset of puberty triggers more active sweat glands, leading to body odor. They may not only sweat from their underarms but all different areas of their bodies. Psst… that’s where Play Pits comes to the rescue with our safe and effective natural deodorants designed with our kids in mind from underarms to their feet. 
  2. Oilier Skin: Hormonal changes can cause increased oil production, resulting in acne, breakouts or oily hair and scalp.
  3. Hair Growth: New hair growth in areas like the underarms and pubic area requires extra attention and care.


Hygiene Shifts and Practices

Teaching our tweens proper hygiene is essential for sustaining and fostering self-confidence during these sometimes difficult times of transition and change. Some things you might suggest to your tween are:

  1. Regular Bathing: Encourage daily showers or baths to remove sweat, dirt, and bacteria.
  2. Deodorant Use: Introduce safe and natural deodorants like our SUGA deodorant to manage body odor by their underarms, back, chest and feet. Encourage them to reapply after a sweaty activity indoors or outdoors. 
  3. Skincare Routine: Simple skincare routines can help manage oiliness and acne. Using a gentle cleanser twice a day is a good start.
  4. Dental Care: Stress the importance of brushing teeth twice a day and flossing regularly.
  5. Hair Care: Get into a good wash day routine to promote a healthy scalp and hair.


The Connection Between Good Hygiene and Confidence

Good hygiene is intrinsically linked to self-confidence, especially during the sensitive tween years. Have a look at our healthy hygiene videos to help navigate this "transition". 

Here are some things we want to focus on and encourage during this sensitive period:

  1. Positive Self-Image: Feeling clean and fresh can significantly boost a tween's self-esteem. You can encourage them to carry their favorite deodorant, like their HAPPY deodorant in their bag with them. 
  2. Social Interactions: Proper hygiene helps our tweens feel more comfortable in social settings, reducing anxiety about body odor or appearance.
  3. Independence: Learning to manage their hygiene gives tweens a sense of independence and responsibility.



Navigating the tween years requires a delicate balance of fostering independence while providing guidance. Good hygiene is a cornerstone of this balance, contributing to both physical health and emotional well-being. By instilling solid hygiene habits and helping our tweens manage their activities effectively, parents and caregivers can lay the foundation for confident and healthy adults in the years to come. 

Have a look at our collection of natural deodorants for kids and decide with your tween what scent to purchase.

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