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What is Zinc Oxide and what are its benefits

What is Zinc Oxide and what are its benefits

What is Zinc Oxide and What Are its Benefits?

Noticed zinc oxide in our natural deodorant and wondering what it’s doing there?

Your skin can benefit from zinc oxide’s naturally occurring healing benefits in oh so many ways! While yes, it is an ingredient commonly found in diaper rash products, believe it or not, it also has the power to make your skin look healthy and youthful too! Because why shouldn’t an ingredient safe and effective on your baby’s beautiful skin, not also work wonders on yours too?

What is Zinc Oxide?

Zinc oxide is made by heating up zinc and then combining it with oxygen molecules. Zinc oxide usually comes in a white powder form, and can either be applied directly to the skin or it can be mixed with other essential oils, butters and creams to create a natural deodorant, face cream, body cream or sunscreen. 

Zinc Oxide Skin Benefits

Zinc oxide is a safe and effective ingredient to use on the skin - assuming you don’t have allergies or allergic reactions to the product. You and your family can benefit from Zinc oxide in the following ways:

  1. Protects the Skin from Harmful Free Radicals and Sun Damage
    No matter your skin type or skin tone you need to protect yourself from that sun! Zinc oxide has the ability to reflect and absorb harmful UVA and UVB rays. This way your skin has little to no contact with those damaging rays. Naturally, the more zinc oxide there is in a product, the more effective it is at protecting the skin.

  2. Can Help Treat Acne Prone Skin
    Zinc oxide is commonly found in acne products because of its antiinflammatory benefits and its ability to support wound healing. It can help reduce redness and irritation on the skin as it fights off and heals acne scars or breakouts.

  3. Controls Excess Oil
    Believe it or not, zinc oxide can also work as an astringent. It absorbs excess oil from the skin while preventing more oil from being produced. It maintains the oil balance of the skin and can therefore also prevent breakouts.

  4. Skin Healing Powers
    Zinc oxide can help relieve rosacea, psoriasis, eczema or any other type of irritation or rash. Zinc oxide can also aid in the formation of collagen which protects the skin against infection and speeds up the wound healing process. It’s antiinflammatory and antibacterial make it a great solution for cleaning and soothing the skin. 


Zinc oxide has a plethora of skin benefits outside of being an effective ingredient in your natural deodorant. At Play Pits we have included zinc oxide in all of our deodorants for adults and children, because it’s great at protecting the skin, absorbing sweat and killing off any stinky bacteria! 

If you have any questions about the ingredients we use, please reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you and welcome you to the family!

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